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Fixing your plumbing

Have you got a persistent leak in one of your taps? Has a pipe burst leaving your kitchen flooded? Or have you got a blocked drain producing nasty smells? Whatever plumbing repairs you need in London, we can help.

Fancy a new appliance?

If you need help installing a washing machine in your kitchen or have a new dishwasher to be fitted, you've come to the right place. Our plumbers can fit a range of different appliances around the kitchen.

Unclogging your drains

Using state of the art jetting equipment, our plumbing team can eliminate any blockages forming in the drains in your kitchen or bathroom. Pool of water in your sink? Call us on 020 8531 4411

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We know that accidents happen and disasters can strike at any time. You can't plan for something to go wrong and for your convenience, our plumbers in London work 24 hours a day. You'll always have an option for your plumbing with us!

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